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Architectural firm in IsraelIsrael

With more than 10 years of experience, we will guide you in the realization of your “tailor-made” construction project.

The Architect will answer all your expectations through customized sketches, according to your needs and in compliance with the urban planning rules

Its prerogatives will go from the file of building permits to the reception of the work of the house through the plans of execution, the schedules of works, the production of written documents, all within the framework of the financial envelope and the delays Agreed upon.

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Our architect will be at your disposal to determine, according to your needs and your wishes, the feasibility of your project in compliance with the various legislation in force as well as safety and construction standards.
Our architect will propose an estimate for your project according to the types of materials chosen and the scope of the work envisaged, from the simple refreshment of your property to its complete renovation.

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Variable rate loan

Our team will do all the work to expand your home. Again, we will take care of the entire project from design to delivery.
Earthworks are generally the preliminary step to any extension project, from the creation of a basement to that of a swimming pool.
We ensure the work related to your projects of expansion or extension, from the masonry to the upgrade of the electrical installation through all the steps essential to the success of your project: insulation, partitions, heating, plumbing and coatings, all in keeping with your wishes.

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Also in this area, we remain attentive to your wishes
Depending on the fittings and the renovation work that you wish to carry out, we will intervene in the various fields of insulation of your home, treatment and repair of facades, upgrading the electrical installation of your house and the renovation of your bathroom.


Terranova offers you all the experience to build your house or villa
Undertaking the construction of your home makes you an actor in its own development process while saving on the final cost of the project. Terranova is also committed to offering you the best guarantees in terms of finishes and standards..

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Depending on the type of work you are considering, Terranova will offer you a detailed feasibility study and an estimate that will take into account the budget invested while guaranteeing a high quality finishing of the desired transformations[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]